Jewish Wedding Videos

We provide wedding videography in Surrey, London and throughout the UK. We love filming Jewish weddings as they have so much fun and energy and are always a joy to capture. Our favourite moments are the smashing of the glass (and the excitement that follows) and the Israeli dancing. Our style of Jewish wedding videography is natural and unobtrusive and we use lightweight low light cameras to capture the action while not taking over the wedding day.

There are so many interesting aspects to a Jewish wedding, all of which looks great on video. From the Tish to the Bedeken, Encircling the Groom and the Seven blessings. 

The reception, wedding breakfast and everything surrounding it always has so much energy in Jewish weddings. The toast to the Queen and president of Israel and Birkat Hamazon are great moments that add to the atmosphere of the day. We are still waiting to be asked to film a small Jewish wedding and our videographers often arrive to grand halls or large marquee’s meaning there is always a lot to film. 

Even without any of the above, it’s worth getting a videographer to film your Jewish wedding just to capture the Israeli dancing. It always looks fantastic on camera and we use monopods to lift our cameras high above the action and sometimes join in the dancing ourselves!