We put out a competition for you to tell us about why your wedding is going to be the best of the year and we’ve had so many amazing entrees and stories it’s been difficult to chose. We’ve however had to pick one and have listed our favourite entry below, registrars with frumpy frock’s beware, you may end up on a bonfire!

My wedding will be the best of the year because we are going to have our day, the way we want it, thinking of those we love and not doing something ‘because that’s what you do at weddings’. Those awful stretchy Lycra chair covers with a bow tied round? I’m going to burn them on the bonfire I have planned. Photos of some random woman in a frumpy frock and awful lipstick marrying you? I’m going to get my thespian brother to do it. I could have a ‘sob story’ about how we deserve to win this, but our wedding is the foundation of celebration not a reflection of trauma and sadness. It is going to be the best wedding of the year because it isn’t going to be a ‘wedding’ it is going to be a celebration of the century!! Also it will be the best because you will be there to capture the moment!!! Did a tree make a noise if no one heard it fall? Was a wedding even amazing if Hawaiian shirt photography weren’t there to take photos?!