In reality, the perfect wedding often ends up with its own minor deviations and mishaps, but we can all dream of a day where nothing goes wrong, and the whole event is a smooth one. Of course, you cannot expect a perfect wedding without a plan – there is no such thing as winging it with matrimony unless you decide to elope (which is much cheaper, just as a side note). Regardless of your theme or the number of guests, there are a few ways you can plan your way to perfection.

Plan Early and Set Your Budget

Don’t leave the planning until the last minute, because that’s where the stress eating comes in and you don’t want to end up not fitting in your wedding dress (or suit) when the day comes. The earlier you plan, the more relaxed things will be, and you will also be leaving room to move if things go wrong. Setting your budget is also key because you need to know how much you are willing to spend.

Work Together: It’s Not About One Person

Whenever you see couples planning weddings, it’s mostly the bride doing the work, and the groom being pushed aside. You are a team that is about to celebrate being joined together forever (I know that sounds a little more daunting than it was meant to). Work together, put the things you both want in there, and most importantly, stay calm and try not to argue. After all, it will be the happiest day of both your lives.

Get That Perfect Venue

Book as early as you can, especially if it is a venue that you know is popular. This will secure your date and also gets the most expensive thing out of the way quickly. Find the venue of your dreams and get in there. Once that is done, everything else becomes a lot easier to plan because you know the layout, how many it can hold, and what kind of facilities are already there.

Order Good Food (Don’t Skimp)

Ah yes, the in-laws meeting your family (again), estranged sections of your own family, it’s like a volcano about to erupt. The best way to calm the fire? Provide an amazing and delicious feast that even the most bitter family members are going to love. Food is everything, and if you are going to skimp on something make sure it is not this. You need good quality food to leave your guests happy and satisfied.

Book Your Suppliers and Photographer

Now you can book all the other stuff. Flowers, cake, decorations, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, suits for the groom and groomsmen, whatever you need, this is the stage to book them in. Plus, you need the all-important wedding photographer to capture all of the graceful (and not so graceful) moments of your wedding. There is nothing better than looking back at aunt Petunia and uncle George collapsed in a drunken heap on the dancefloor.

Spend Time on the Invites (and send them)

The invites are also important as it lets your guests know everything about the date, time, and location of your wedding. Many couples like to keep one to frame, and they are worth spending some extra time on before you send them out. Try to get them out 4-6 weeks before the wedding so that people have the chance to book it off work and plan it around their lives.

Book the Honeymoon

After all the stress of wedding planning (and getting through the day itself), you two need some time alone to really celebrate your marriage. The last thing you do, and the most exciting, is book the honeymoon at your dream destination. It really does give you something to look forward to.

To Conclude

Your wedding day is going to be amazing, and planning it as early as possible will help to ensure that you both have a relaxed and exciting day together. We know that you are going to have a blast, and hopefully, these planning tips have helped to make things even a little bit easier for you. Good luck, have fun, and we wish you all the happiness you can imagine for the future! Contact us to discuss your requirements for your big day.