We’ve all heard the horror stories, and as a wedding photographer I’ve actually experienced a couple of the terrible gaffes that occasionally happen when wedding toasts get out of hand and been asked to remove the speeches from the video! So how can a couple keep their wedding toasts under control while enjoying the spontaneity of their friends stepping up and sharing stories? My years spent photographing weddings have taught me a few tricks I can share with you.

Appoint a toast-minder

At some weddings this is a sensible (and large!) member of the family, at others a toastmaster is hired to manage the process of wedding speeches, and at a recent marquee wedding where I took the wedding photographs it was actually the DJ who took on the role of MC and helped keep things on track. If you give one person responsibility to keep track of the mic and to ensure that those who get up to speak have thought about what they are going to say, you’re much more likely to get some unforgettable speeches that make you smile, not cringe. 

Don’t be upstaged

Some people seem to think your wedding is the perfect time to announce their special news! This story is extreme, and if I’d been the videographer there’s no way that I’d have taken my focus off the bride and groom, but wedding guests do sometimes get carried away by their moment in the spotlight. We have worked out a number of ways to help bride and groom say centre stage, one of which is that we work with the venue staff to ensure that we gently draw attention back to the happy couple, but the easiest way is to create a list of expected wedding toasts and give it to your best man who can then ensure that you only get to here from those who have given time, thought and attention to you, and your wedding.

Trust your team

An inexperienced wedding photographer will be so focused on the speech-maker and on capturing the reactions of the bride and groom, that they forget about the guests … which is why wedding photographs from a team like ours will be guaranteed to give you great shots of your guests as they respond to the jokes, stories and toasts. Working with a professional allows you to relax and enjoy the process. You might not be able to stop your Uncle Don doing his impressions or prevent your bridesmaids bursting into tears until the mascara runs down their faces, but it’s our job to ensure that we capture the best moments of your wedding, whether or not you see them at the time!

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