Autumn is one of the most colourful and vibrant seasons in the UK, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular times of the year for couples to tie the knot. If you’re thinking of planning an autumn wedding, read on. Here are our top tips for creating the perfect autumn wedding theme. With a bit of thought and planning, you can ensure that your big day harnesses the true magic of this wonderful season.

Choose stationary with a woodland feel

You can set the tone for your autumn wedding with beautiful stationary that has a classic woodland feel. It’s actually very easy to integrate autumn into your stationary. Just choose designs that have motifs like trees, leaves, pinecones and apples, or if you want something that’s a bit subtler, choose natural materials such as brown Kraft paper, twine and hessian to give it a distinctive rustic look.

Create beautiful autumnal flowers

Autumn’s rich and vibrant colour palette makes it a wonderful time to get married. Plus, the cooler weather means that flowers often last longer and you can be a bit more adventurous in their styling. Consider choosing oversized bouquets, mossy table runners and large floral arches Don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your flower choices. Good options are hydrangeas in pink and burgundy, mango calla lilies, and peach and dark red dahlias. You can complement blooms with woodland touches, such as acorns and oak leaves.

Consider a barn venue

When it comes to planning the perfect autumn wedding, it makes sense to consider a barn venue. It’s the perfect space for channelling the cosy and rustic feel of the season. It will also be warmer in cooler temperatures. However, if you’d rather choose a different type of venue, think about adding fire pits or chimeneas so that your guests can still enjoy the autumn evenings whilst being warm and cosy.

Take advantage of the best lighting for photos

As autumn arrives, so do some pretty big changes in daylight hours. If you’re planning to get hitched in autumn, make sure you schedule the main photos to be taken during the best lighting. At Hawaiian Shirt Photography, we’ve photographed countless autumn weddings, as so we can offer you expert advice regarding this issue. Usually, the best time in autumn to take wedding photos is an hour and half after the sun rises or between 45 minutes before and 45 minutes after it sets.

If you’d like a quote for our wedding photography or wedding videography services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Autumn is a fantastic time of year to say, ‘I do’, and we’d love to help you capture the best moments from your special day on camera.