One element of your wedding that you might be on the fence about is wedding favours. Whilst they’re sweet little gestures that say thanks to your guests for joining you on your big day, you’re unlikely to want to spend too much on them. When added up, they can turn out to be a big expense, particularly if you’re having lots of guests! But are you willing to do without them? Probably not. Take a look at our top 10 favours that won’t blow your wedding budget…

A CD soundtrack to your wedding

Do you remember the days of mixtapes with fondness? You’re not alone! So, why not create a CD of your wedding playlist or even songs that you both love? It’s a fun gift to give to wedding guests that they will probably use again. The key to this favour is presentation, so come up with a pretty design or label that works with your wedding theme.

Lottery tickets or scratch cards

Everyone loves the thrill of a lotto ticket or scratch card – even those who don’t usually gamble! Make sure you package the buzz-inducing tickets or cards up nicely, maybe in a pretty envelope with the guest’s name written in calligraphy. The envelope could even serve as a place card, helping you kill two birds with one stone!

Kinder Surprise

Kinder Surprise: a favourite of kids and adults alike! Place a Kinder Surprise at every place setting and watch the smiles appear on your guests’ faces. They won’t be able to resist tearing the wrappers off and competing to put their surprises together. Kinder Surprises can serve as great ice breakers too, providing a talking point amongst guests.

Refreshing mints

Mints are an excellent wedding favour option if you’re on a budget. You can usually buy them in multipacks or in bulk online, allowing you to save money. They can also help guests to freshen up after the wedding breakfast! Again, presentation is everything with this choice of wedding favour, so put some thought into it. You could put the mints in pretty paper bags and add ribbon, or tags saying, ‘mint to be’!

Charity donations

Instead of favours, why not donate money to charity? You can place a card at each table letting your guests know that you have donated money to charity. You could even explain the significance of a charity to you so that they know why you chose it.  Lots of charities can provide you with these cards or alternatively you can print them out at home.

As experienced wedding photographers, we’ve seen all kinds of wedding favours over the years. The truth is, whilst guests do appreciate receiving fun wedding favours, they’re the last thing they will be thinking about after eating, drink and dancing the night away. Therefore, there’s really no need to spend money you don’t have on expensive gifts. Hopefully this article has given you some inspiration for budget-friendly wedding favours!

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