As experienced wedding photographers, we’ve seen couples arrive at their wedding venues in all types of transport, and it really does make for some fantastic photographs! Here are 6 different forms of fabulous wedding transportation ideas to get you to the church on time…


If you’re planning a vintage wedding, a bicycle could be perfect for your big day! You could ride one to the venue (how about a jumping on a tandem with your dad or bridesmaid?!), or as a fun prop for your wedding photos.


This is a popular wedding transportation area for grooms. If he’s nervous about arriving on his own, the journey will be a lot more comfortable and fun if he arrives en masse with his groomsmen in a bus! The bus can then take you and your guests to the reception.


Cars are still the most popular type of wedding transport, and with good reason. There’s plenty of choice available to you, and they’re (usually!) reliable, which means there’s no excuses for not getting to the church on time! Think about the season in which you’re getting married before you book one though, as a sporty soft top might not be best for a winter wedding.

Horse and carriage

Although more often used to take the Bride and Groom from the church to the reception, they’re a great idea if you are having a civil ceremony at a stately home or country hotel. Booking a horse and carriage will ensure that you arrive in a highly romantic style of transport. Ask for the carriage to stay until after the ceremony so that your wedding photographer can capture it on camera.


Farm and field themed weddings are very popular at present, and not only does this mean we get to photograph lots of beautiful barns and tipis, but it also means there are lots of brides ready to pull on their wellies and climb onboard a big tractor! If you’re a couple who love country life and you want to arrive in statement style, why not ask a local farmer if you borrow a tractor?!


For a Made in Chelsea-style arrival, look no further than a helicopter! You’ll make sure that you arrive at your ceremony or reception in true VIP style. This transport option is usually more popular amongst grooms as most wedding dresses don’t easily fit into the compact cockpit area!

As wedding photographers, we love nothing more than when a couple thinks outside the box when it comes to their wedding transport, as it really does make for some fantastic photos! Your choice of transportation will depend on various factors, including the theme of your wedding and your budget. You also need to make sure that it’s practical. For example, don’t ride a bike if your dress is likely to get in the way of the pedals, or it’s likely to rain!

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