Has the time come to choose the perfect wedding dress? Then you’re probably feeling excited and daunted in equal measure. After all, trying on a series of beautiful gowns can be a lot of fun, but you’ll also be keen to ensure to that you choose the right one for the most important day of your life. As seasoned wedding photographers, we’ve seen countless beautiful dresses over the years, and believe us when we say that there’s a myriad of styles to choose from. Here’s how to go about selecting the perfect wedding dress to suit your body type…

An A-line wedding dress for a pear shape

 One of the most important aspects of the dress is the fit. Before you head out shopping, you need to decide what fit you’re looking for. If you have a small bust and shapely hips and thighs, an A-line fit can be a good choice. They work for the majority of body types and are an especially good option for pear shapes, or if you don’t want a tight fit on your lower body. You can accentuate your waist even further by choosing a wedding dress with a decorative feature, such as a sash.

A supportive wedding dress for a busty body type

If you have a large bust, it’s best to choose a fit that’s supportive on top. A dress with boning or an in-built corset is a good option, as this fit will give you the shape you want, whilst preventing any mishaps on your big day. Don’t feel that you can’t wear a strapless dress because you’re bigger busted. If it fits well, you should remain comfortable throughout your wedding. A square-neck dress is also a good choice as it will show off your assets, but without showing too much.

An empire wedding dress for a plus-sized body type

An empire dress is much like an A-line dress, except that it cinches under the bust, flowing out to make a floor-length A-line. This fit flatters most body types, and can be a good choice if you don’t want a tight-fitting wedding dress. Empire dresses are flowy, but don’t make the mistake of choosing one that is too large or has an abundance of excess fabric, as this won’t accentuate your figure.

A sheath/flared wedding dress for long and lean body types

If your body type is long and lean, you may want to consider a sheath or flared wedding dress. A sheath dress will follow the long and straight form of your body, highlighting your statuesque physique, whilst a flared dress will create curves. Keep in mind that whilst a sheath dress isn’t tight, it won’t hide your body shape. So, if you feel particularly awkward about a part of your body, you may want to consider a different fit.

Whilst there are lots of conventions about certain wedding dresses suiting different body types, it’s important that you are comfortable with your gown of choice. You need to be happy with what you’re wearing as you walk down the aisle in front of your friends and family and whilst your wedding photographer is taking countless shots of you.

At Hawaiian Shirt Photography, we can produce beautiful photographs that will showcase your wedding dress in all its glory, ensuring that you look like a real princess on your special day. Contact us for a wedding photography or wedding videography quote today.