The beautiful wedding of Caroline and Lawrence was Photographed at Gaynes Park in Epping.  Gaynes Park is a grand country estate owned by the Chisenhale-Marsh family for generations and is a beautiful venue with stunning countryside views.

We arrived early to scout the location for good places for the couple shoot with the bride and groom. There was a bench with a stunning view over the countryside and a beautiful tree which caught our eye in particular.  We also took some shots of the empty venue before everyone arrived.

Next up were the bridal preparations. Both the bride and groom were getting ready at the venue although the groom’s preparation was definitely quicker than the bride. We therefore spent most of the time us with Caroline who was in a very relaxed mood and showed little sign of nerves. It was a busy preparation room with family popping in to say hi and this allowed for some great shots.

The ceremony was held outside which allowed for some lovely natural light. Natural light tends to have a softer and therefore more flattering quality than any artificial light or flash so it’s always best to use it when possible. With two photographers we positioned one at the front of the front of the ceremony and one down the aisle. At the front is usually the best position but certain shots, especially as the bride and groom turn to face each other look great from down the aisle.

The reception drinks were outside in the sunshine and we worked together to take candid shots and organise the group shots. There was some tree cover which we used for the group photographs to avoid uneven light and sunshine in people’s eyes.

At the wedding breakfast we always try and get loads of shots before the food comes out as it’s best not to photograph people as they eat. We often take a break and prepare ourselves for the speeches. When taking pictures during the speeches it can be tricky to capture the right moment. We often use our silent shutter mode to capture multiple shots in quick and succession without it being noisy or districting. One of our cameras the A7sii is also great in low light meaning we often don’t have to use flash.

The final part of the day, the dancing is always great fun but also a challenge as can be over quickly. It’s often a balance of making sure you get a clear shot and also trying a few more creative photographs as well.