The gorgeous wedding video of Nadia and Will was filmed at The New Unity Unitarian Church in Stoke Newington, London and the West Reservoir Centre in Hackney. New Unity Unitarian Church has a history of political radicalism and fit in really well with relaxed informal wedding of the couple. The Church itself was quaint but beautiful with a balcony for the organist which was a perfect position for our second camera. We arrived early to set up and film the pre-wedding atmosphere. The groom and his ushers were practicing for a surprise performance which made for some lovely footage to start their wedding video.

In wedding videography one of the most important parts of the day is the ceremony and there is always a certain amount of anticipation before. It’s always interesting to see the difference between this nervous energy and the joyous celebration once complete. Nadia and wills ceremony was beautiful and very informal for a church wedding. The sermon was personal to the couple which was a nice touch accompanied by some heartfelt readings. The groom’s performance was of course a highlight and worth all the practice.

After the ceremony it was across the road for some Pimm’s in the park. I think weddings are always best when the booze comes straight after the ceremony. Obviously as the videographer I’m not drinking but the quicker the guests relax the better the more opportunity for great videography.

As wedding videographers, we get to go on lots wedding buses and they always guarantee some good shots, especially on old London route masters. They sometimes take quite a while to get to their destination as usually get lost or get stuck going up a hill.

The reception was held at the west reservoir centre in hackney. Featuring a 1930’s red brick tower and doubling up at a sailing centre as a unique and wonderful space and offers plenty of opportunities for great wedding videography with large pillars and a river view. The big windows allowed lots of natural even light to fill the room. The hour before the sun goes down is often called  magic hour as it can be the best time for videography and we were able to capture this both inside because of the big windows and out in the patio overlooking the river.

We always include guest messages as standard in our wedding videography packages and were able to capture some great ones at Nadia and Will’s wedding. We find the best time to do video messages is between courses at dinner. People are relaxed and in a good mood having just eaten and it gives them the opportunity to give messages as a table for those who are too shy to do them on their own.

The last part of our day was the speeches for which we used two cameras to enable us to get some great shots of both the speaker and reactions of the guests. There was lots of great speakers and wonderful memories to treasure.