The beautiful wedding of Ann-Marie and Jerome at Chiddingstone Castle in Kent was a very special day. The wedding was set in a beautiful 18th century house filled with Japanese and Ancient Egyptian art and antiquities.  A great venue for wedding videography.

The ceremony itself was in beautiful grade 2 listed orangery. Arriving early our videographer was able to capture some shots of the stunning grounds and the pre-wedding anticipation of the guests. In preparation for the wedding we set up a GoPro camera in the orangery, tied to one of the posts. We always try to be unobtrusive with our videography and a GoPro is a great way to achieve this. 

The ceremony was perfect with the added twist of the rings arriving on a remote-control car. Although they were slightly delayed. I’m not sure if this was a technical error or the operator just wanting to keep everyone in suspense. 

There were only a few group shots which allowed for a relaxed and informal reception. We try to film on a long lens as much as possible enabling us to get great video without getting in people’s way. It also helps avoid guests posing at the camera which looks fine for photos but never as good in wedding videography. 

The wedding breakfast hall had a balcony above it allowing for some nice shots from above. It can be a quick dash sometimes to get some great shots of the ceremony room in the small window of time between being set up and the guests arriving. In between courses we went around the room getting some messages for the bride and groom. Sometimes guests can be shy and won’t give video messages but thankfully not at this wedding!

The speeches were touching and funny (I don’t always say that) and we were able to position two cameras to get the reactions of the guests and the top table as well as the person speaking. It’s always the aim of our wedding videographers to get great shots while not standing right in front of people.

Then came the big surprise of the day which was a huge golden bench outside the venue. Our wedding videographers are used to surprises but we’ve never seen this before. The groom’s family were Dutch and had brought the bench all the way from the Netherlands. This was accompanied by a lovely story told by the people who told it. One of those great moments where you are really pleased you are there to capture the moment for them.

For the first dance we always try and get a mixture of close ups and wide shots without too many jarring moves. Sometimes we will position a second camera but often uncle Bill stands in front of it.

We always try and exceed our clients expectations in our wedding videography and were pleased to received great feedback from the bride and groom. “Wow! That’s a stunning video, really captures the day and the informality and smiles.” Ann-Marie and Jerome.