Karen and Chris’s wedding was held at Leatherhead registry office and Foxhills Manor House. The bridal preparations were at Foxhills with the grooms’ preparations at a family home. With two of us attending we were able to cover both preparations, each doing a bit of photography and videography. Foxhills had quite a dark hotel room but we were able to use our low light camera to good effect. On the groom’s side we got some great shots of the groom with his father in-law chasing him out the house with a rifle!

The ceremony room at Leatherhead registry office was small but pretty and had a really nice cosy atmosphere with plenty of smiles. With a view through the doors at the back we were able to get a great long shot as the bride walked through the doors. The love between the couple was clear which really helped with capturing great moments with both the photography and video.

After the ceremony we captured some of the post ceremony excitement before taking a few group shots in the garden. It was then off to Foxhills for the Reception. After letting the bride and groom relax and have a glass of Champagne we whisked them away from the guests for a couple’s shoot. There was a wooded area in the gardens which made for some great photos. The couple seemed at ease  which I think really comes through in our photographs. We continued with a few more group shots and then let everyone relax while we captured a few candid moments.

Before the wedding breakfast we captured some shots of the empty tables before the guests arrived. We then captured some of the guests settling in at tables before the joyous moment of the bride and groom entering. After the wedding breakfast were the speeches which were fantastic with heartfelt words and a lovely guitar performance from the groom. A great end to a lovely day.