Carrie and Leigh’s London wedding at Stoke Newington Town Hall and the Lamb Tavern was a very special day. We started the day with morning preparations at the Batty Langley Hotel. The bride and groom were getting ready in adjacent rooms in the hotel so we could quickly move between the two. They had also booked out the two photographers, one videographer package so there were three of us to ensure great coverage of their day. The hotel was a grand old hotel with beautifully decorated rooms with the bride’s room having an outside terrace which allowed for some great shots through the window. The bride and groom were relaxed and enjoying getting ready without too many wedding nerves.

The team then splits. I went with the groom to the pub while Jeremy and Anya stayed with the bride. The pre-ceremony pub visit is always a great opportunity to get some good shots as a wedding photographer as pubs often have interesting lighting.

The lighting in Stoke Newington Town Hall was also quite different with a big skylight shining down on bride and groom. While quite challenging because of the light contrast especially in the video it makes for some great dramatic photos. Civil ceremonies are often quite short so the challenge can be to take lots of great photos within a short space of time while remaining unobtrusive. One thing that helps our wedding photographers with this is the silent shutter feature of our cameras which enables photos to be taken without a sound.

After the ceremony everyone clambered on to a route master bus for the journey through the streets of London to the lamb tavern in Leadenhall market. A bus journey through London is always a great opportunity for videography and this bus had complimentary champagne which added to the experience!