What a great start to the year. The wedding of Holly and Mike at the Asylum and the Londesborough Pub. It was a cold winter day but plenty of tea and cake to warm people up. The Asylum had a really cool vibe and the lighting was really interesting. The sun shining through the windows created a dramatic effect, quite tricky light contrast but I think it looks cool.

I love the drinking tea shots, somehow more elegant than drinking booze! It was just myself filming, but in the ceremony I had a second static camera at the back which worked really nicely.

The Londesborough was beautifully decorated and was a really interesting pub with friendly staff and this carried through to the atmosphere of the day. The best man’s speech was so funny there may be some wobbles on the camera… and the first dance looked great. It’s always a lovely shot if you can get the bride and groom dancing with people watching behind them.